Literally meaning “message” or “letter,”「Xin-信」represents a primitive means of communication. Today, however, it encompasses many more dimensions than ever before, as illustrated by words such as Xin-xi (information); Xin-nian (vision); Xin-ren (trust); Xin-yong (creditability) and Xin-xin (faith).

In 1972, the UN General Assembly introduced World Development Information Day to draw public attention to development problems and the need to strengthen international cooperation in order to solve them (Resolution 3038). The Assembly eventually decided that this should coincide with United Nations Day on October 24, also the date for the adoption of the 1970 International Development Strategy. October 24 is also the first day of XIN Beijing. Like designers, the General Assembly believed that improving the dissemination of information through communication design and mobilizing public opinion, particularly amongst the younger generation, would lead to greater awareness and cooperation in solving the problems of international development.

Under the theme「Xin-信」, and in the spirit of the institution of World Development Information Day, the Icograda World Design Congress 2009 seeks to explore contemporary issues and challenges currently facing communication design. The Congress will pre-dominantly address four topics in the parallel sessions of the international conference:

- Accessibility within design
- Designing life in urban spaces
- Proactive intellectual property rights policies in design
- Communication design for information environments

- Design: dialogue between East and West / Collaborations between North and South
- Wisdom of design and consumption in the global financial crisis
- Sustainability and design responsibility
- Ecological policy-making

- Visual culture: pluralistic perspectives and contexts
- Design for information visualization
- Design in business, an added value from service
- Brand culture critique and redesign

- Mobile life and new media;
- Biomimicry and cross-disciplinary collaborations in design;
- Digital content and redefining media.