Call for Pre-Conference Workshop Leaders and Students

The Pre-Conference Workshops are a special feature of Icograda World Design Congress 2009. The workshops will take place on 19- 24, October 2009 in many cities around China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenyang, Jinan, Guilin, Suzhou, Nanjin, and Jingdezhen. The project welcomes international designers, design educators and design students to join their Chinese counterparts in a unique exploration of local Chinese art and design.The results of the workshops will be collected and exhibited during the Congress in Beijing.

The results of the workshops will be collected, exhibited and printed during the Congress in Beijing.

For the duration of the workshops, the host institution will offer selected workshop leaders economy class airfare (from port of entry in China to the destination city and return airfare to Beijing), accommodation and medical and life insurance during the workshop.

Deadline for workshop leader application is September 10, 2009.

Deadline for workshop student application is September 30, 2009.



The host institution will process all applications for workshop leaders and students. The final selection of workshop leaders and students will be made by the host institution.


Neither Icograda and CAFA, nor the workshop hosts accept any liability for injuries/losses of whatever nature incurred by workshop leaders, participants and/or accompanying guests.This includes loss or damage to their luggage and/or other personal belongings.

Neither Icograda and CAFA, nor other Congress organizers accept any liability for any disputes of whatever nature between any workshop leaders and/or participants or workshop host institutions.

The host institutions reserve the right at anytime, with or without notice, at their absolute discretion and/or without necessarily giving any reasons thereof, to cancel or postpone any or all of the workshops, to change venues and/or timetables; to make any changes or amendments to the published content of any of the workshops and to withdraw any invitations to attend any of the workshops. 

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