12 Timespaces
– A Concept Exhibition on Chinese Living Style

Time: 2009.10.25 -10.30
Venue: Digital Art Gallery, Beijing World Art Museum


Design & Innovation
– An International Industrial Design Show

Time: 2009.10.25 -10.30
Venue: Modern Arts Gallery, Beijing World Art Museum


Green Walk
– New Energy Automobile Show

Time: 2009.10.25-10.30
Venue: North Square, China Millennium Monument


Design as Productive Force

Time: 2009.10.27 -11.10
Venue: National Art Museum of China


Beijing Typography 2009 (bt’09)

Time: 2009.10.24 -11.15
Venue: CAFA Art Museum


Chinese Graphic Design in the 20th Century: A Documentary

Time: 2009.10.24 -11.15
Venue: CAFA Art Museum


AIGA 365: Year in Design 29

Time: 2009.10.24 – 11.15
Venue: CAFA Art Museum


POST_: Contemporary International Poster Retrospective
Time: 2009.10.24-11.4
Venue: Visual Art Center, Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University


The 9th Brazilian Graphic Design Biennial in Beijing & Dingbats Brasil

Time: 2009.10.27 –10.30
Venue: F4, Building 7, CAFA


“Greengaged Greenaged Exhibition

Time: 2009.10.27 –11.6
Venue: Exhibition Hall of CAFA Art Museum


Shenzhen Time:
Design Competition for UNIVERSIADE 2011 SHENZHEN

Time: 2009.10.24 –10.31
Venue: F7, Building 7, CAFA


Exhibition of Outstanding Graduation Design Works from CAFA

Time: 2009.10.24 –11.15
Venue: CAFA Art Museum


ADAA Gallery

Time: 2009.10.26 -11.15
Venue: NCPA Grand Foyer, CAFA Library


International Design Institution Show (IDIS)

Venue: F2, Building 7, CAFA


Workshop Achievements Exhibition
Time: 2009.10.27-11.6
Venue: Exhibition Hall of CAFA Art Museum


Exhibitiors’ Forum

Venue: CAFA Playground


The Most Beautiful Book
- The 7th National Book Design Exhibition

Time: 2009.10.25-11.12
Venue: National Centre for Performing Arts


Create Wealth Through Industrial Design
– Achievement Exhibition of Design Innovation Upgrade Programme

Time: 2009.10.24-11.5
Venue: Beijing DRC Galley


NOTCH09: ID-entity

Time: 2009.10.25-11.7
Venue: N8 Building in North District, The Orange in South District, South Plaza, North Plaza, Sanlitun Village


The 4th “Design for Sitting” Competition Winners & “40 Chairs from International Designers” Exhibition
Time: 2009.10.25-11.22 | 12:00-20:00
Venue: Sanlitun Village North


Exhibition of Ethnic Costume Design

Time: 2009.10.24-10.30
Venue: Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology


International CG Art Exhibition

Time: 2009.10.24-10.30
Venue: Beijing DRC Galley- Cable 8 Culture Creative Center


Memorial Exhibition of Creative Design and Cultural Events of 2008 Beijing Olympics and Paralympics
Time: 2009.10.25 to 11.25
Venue: Gehua Art Centre


Graphex the Best of Visual Communications in CanadaGraphex
Time: 2009.10.26-11.4
Venue: Visual Art Center, Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University


The Night of Design 3.0: Design Now

Time:2009.10.28| 18:30-21:30
Venue:751 D-Park Fashion Design Plaza, Chaoyang District ,Beijing